Crossing Borders in Health

Cross border collaboration within euPrevent is based on two frameworks:

  • Positive Health
  • Health in All Policies

Programs of euPrevent can use following two cross border collaborations in their own activities:

  • EDUCAP: the educational collaboration with trainings, conferences and tools.
  • DATA in the EMR: share, collection and comparison of data of various sources on an euregional level.

Positive Health

Positive Health is the elaboration in 6 dimensions of the new definition of health. With this broader approach you contribute to the ability of people to deal with the physical, emotional and social challenges in life. And to manage your own as much as possible.

People are not defined by their condition. Nevertheless, we usually focus on this in healthcare. All attention goes to their complaints and health problems, and how we can fix them. Positive Health chooses a different angle. The emphasis is not on the illness, but on people themselves, on their resilience and on what makes their lives meaningful.

Within the programs of euPrevent this definition of Health is used. The empowerment of people and the patient perspective is embedded in every program.

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Health in All Policies

Health in All Policies is a strategy set out by the WHO in 2006 to include health considerations in policy making across different sectors that influence health, such as transportation, agriculture, land use, housing, public safety and education. It is an opportunity for the public health sector to engage a broader array of partners.

Since the beginning euPrevent acknowledges that Health is largely determined by factors outside the health care domain. Therefor euPrevent aims to collaborate with other sectors when possible.

More info:
Infographic Health in All Policies (HiAP)



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